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The best adventures and remembers.

I’m going to the route, adventure or surftrip with you. Forget about selfies and hire a personal photographer.

Why Jordi Romo?

I traveled around the world by bicycle, and on numerous occasions making travel and photography my lifestyle. No one like me understands what you want to immortalize, and I’m a good traveling companion who will not disappoint you.

  • Quality: It is the axis of my photographic trips, a personalized service adapted to a different way of traveling, with the aim of making it an unrepeatable trip.
  • Prices: I do not give up the best quality despite having the best prices, my trips focus on all kinds of clients.
  • Around The World: One world, unlimited experiences and countries to visit.

I Travel With You

Do you have a trip planned? Your honeymoon, your first trip, your surprise for the birthday of a loved one, the most anticipated family trip? Do you want to remember forever?

On the other side of the planet or close. Because there are unique situations that deserve to be remembered.

“I never imagined how important it was to have good images of a trip until I met Jordi, I called him for my trip to Colombia, now I can say that I will never make another trip without him. Apart from becoming a friend, it makes XD friends price.”

FrancescArchitect, Rhino Software.

& Photo Trips

As an expert traveler during the year he organized different photographic trips, look here for availability, price and beautiful places along with the adventure.

  • 875+ premium locations available worldwide
  • Learn photography with a professional
  • Exclusive events & social gatherings at no extra cost
  • Have unforgettable experiences
Travel Photographer

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