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Weddings Photography

Photographer of unforgettable dreams


Based in Catalonia

I also move to any place in the world where there is true love to photograph.

Capturing the Dreams

If you want a creative, and unique approach that captures the joy and magic of your special day, I can be your photographer.

“"I see in photography a way of feeling, relate and transmit "”

Jordi Romo
Marta wedding, boda

Better than you dreamed

Weddings are not fairy tales. Weddings have to do with a dream come true.

My picture tells the truth in the form of a dream, tell your own story.

The story in which you cry at the ceremony, the story in which you dance with a smile from ear to ear at the party, the story in which you have fun with your bridesmaids in champagne preparations. But also the story in which the children are playing or the one in which your uncle is taking selfies at the ceremony.

Why get caught in the past? Why have the same images as your parents?
Because there is always a real life behind magic, your photo will tell you a very personal and personal story.

If you want me to pass you a personalized proposal or to have a chat quietly having a coffee, you just have to send me an e-mail to or call me at 615 37 04 50


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